In order to exemplify the highest standards of business ethics, we will conduct all client affairs in strict compliance with both the letter and spirit of the law and will always treat our clients fairly and honorably. Recognizing that our reputation of unquestioned integrity and honesty is our most valuable asset, under no circumstances will what we achieve be allowed to take precedence over how we achieve it.

To ensure the most effective service possible to our clients, we have established the following guidelines:

Every Client Is Unique
Recommendations are made only upon gaining a full understanding of the client's individual situation.

Open Communication
An open line of communication helps us to better understand the client's specific objectives, and enables us to readily impart information to the client.

The Financial Environment
The major difference between making and losing money is knowledgeable and trustworthy advice. We strive to maintain a keen sense of current economic and market trends, and a timely knowledge of world developments.

Educational Sessions
We provide a variety of educational sessions to our clients as part of the financial planning process.

The Planning Process
Financial planning is a dynamic process in which the planner must recognize the client's needs. During the planning process we address all phases of the client's financial situation and often help to coordinate the activities of the other professionals engaged by the client.

Professional Networking
We maintain close relationships with specialists in related disciplines. This association provides our firm with an ongoing information resource and, when it is in the best interest of our clients, we will engage or recomend these professionals to assist us in the planning process.

Technical Expertise
In an effort to maintain the analytical tools that we believe are essential, we commit significant time and resources to continuing education and the updating of our financial planning methods.

Due Diligence
We exercise total objectivity in evaluating the various financial vehicles available for plan implementation.